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Is your agent constantly trying to maximise your income?

A good property manager should always be on the lookout for legitimate savings and income opportunities to make your investment work better for you.

At Rent North East, we regularly renew our tenant’s contracts, and increase income for our landlords.

Does it matter if my tenant likes me?

The landlord-tenant relationship is a tricky business to manage. On the one hand, you (the landlord) may feel under pressure to give your tenant what they want, so that they are happy and therefore cooperative. On the other hand, you are running a business, and unnecessary overheads must be avoided.

In theory, your relationship should be simple. You and your tenant have a business relationship, and there are terms to be adhered to.  As your agent, our job is to ensure that the terms of the AST are upheld. Simply put, if a tenant requests a new wheelie bin, our job is to turn around and to explain that this is not the landlord's responsibility.  

Unfortunately, tenants may have expectations bourne from any number of factors, be it a previous landlord granting a particular request, or a tenant being told by misinformed friends that “their landlord should really be doing it themselves”, or from a previously badly managed landlord-tenant relationship with the roles being unclearly defined.

So, to answer the question...

Choosing an agent to manage your property can be very confusing. A quick search on Google for “property management company in Gateshead” brings up 7 company websites (Rent North East leading in top place), and numerous other directories and adverts.


Here are a few steps you can take to bring your list of agents down to a manageable shortlist of two or three great agents.

Why should I use an agency to let my property? I can find a tenant myself on Gumtree…!

Landlords have long tried to maximise the yield of their investment by keeping costs down, indeed that is what we offer landlords; to keep their costs at a minimum.

There is a fine line where landlords risk losses by cutting legitimate costs.

Imagine that your boiler at home had stopped working. Whilst it may be attractive to try repair it yourself, in most cases you would be better off employing a qualified professional to resolve the issue. This is of course subject to circumstances; there will sometimes be cases where you would save significant sums by choosing to carry out the repair yourself.

When Should a Landlord Start Looking for a Property Management Company?

We frequently get asked by Landlords about when & why they should seriously consider bringing a property management company on board.

The goals of the landlord is really the driving factor to this decision. If you don’t mind the phone calls and the daily operations then you may save money by self-managing, but if you don’t feel that this is for you then you should start searching for an experienced property management company immediately.

Here’s why:

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